Tuna Salad

A Great Tuna Salad Requires Great Ingredients

A good tuna salad is easy to make if you avoid some common mistakes. It's easy to make a tuna salad, but few people make one that is extraordinary. Whether you use our recipes or just learn from our hints and tips section, you will be on your way to making an impressive tuna salad.

The must have ingredients of a tuna salad, that make up the skeleton of your tuna salad are tuna and mayonaise (or a mayonaise substitute). As a general rule, the quality of the tuna salad degrades with the more mayonaise you use. If you use low grade tuna and other ingredients, you will need more mayonaise to cover up the flavor of the tuna.

The quality of tuna is what will set your salad apart. In your local supermarket, you will have a choice between chunk light and albacore. If you are making sandwiches for your kids and want to save money, go with the chunk light, but if you want a good tuna salad that you are going to serve to adults, buy albacore. The problem with supermarket albacore is that is comes from larger fish which don't have as good of a flavor and the fact that they are larger, older fish makes them higher in mercury. There are microcanneries on the west coast that deal in premium low mercury albacore. It is a little more expensive, but it is really worth it. Places like http://CannedAlbacoreTuna.com sell it online and have more information about this type of Albacore.

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